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Hey so just letting you know I will be actually posting again soon , this started out as a school project but i've come to really enjoy it! So yea, New Blogs coming soon!

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Hart And Huntington: Navel Piercing *REVIEW*

             This past Saturday I had my navel pierced. I went to the  Hart and Huntington in Niagara Falls, Ontario, the piercer was Paul Fahy. Very happy with my results I thought I'd write a review on Hart and Huntington and walk you all through my experience. When I walked in I was immediately greeted by  someone and was told what to do. The establishment its self is quite neat, having merch in the front, the front desk, a petite but cozy waiting area and each individual piercing or tattooing station. The paper work was quick and easy, pretty much like any piercing shop you go to type write out. Then I picked my jewelry and moved onto the waiting area. The waiting area was neat with a small couch/futon with a coffee table that held a book of some of each artists work. When it was my turn I walked into Paul's area and lied down onto the bed I guess you can call it (Don't exactly know the proper name). The first thing he did was mark off the place he was going to pierce with a small dot made from a marker, he did this multiple times making sure it was just right, I then got up to look at it myself and get a second opinion from my chaperons. Once it was perfect I returned to lying down, there was no build up, not enough time for me to get even more nervous and I was thankful for that. He explained to me what he was going to do then clamped the desired place on my navel simply on the count of three the needle was pushed through. Like a lot of body piercings where the hole is going directly threw a piece of flesh, the needle was a plastic tube (Cannula Needle) which when it has gone threw can be cut down. Jewelry was then pushed threw the hole. Hart and Huntington was a great experience; the look of the shop was appealing to me, the people were all very friendly, and they were very professional. My navel piercing was pretty cheap considering the fact that I luckily showed up when all piercings were 50% off, but the normal price of a navel piercing there, including jewelry would be around $60. The only small criticism I give to this establishment is that the stations should maybe be more private, 2 out of the 3 people I saw getting tattooed were staring at me and everyone else who walked in and a lot of people aren't comfortable in front of people, this wasn't a problem for me, but it might be something they should consider. Overall I am extremely happy with my experience. 
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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wing Tattoos

              Something beautiful and differant. Very customizable and new, wing tattoos on the back are becomeing popular and I love them. These tattoos are usally black and white, or with little colour. They can be big, down the entire back, or small, just across the shoulder blades. There are many differant possibiltys to what kind of wings you get, but the most poppular are: Fallen angel wings, Angel wings, Butterfly wings, Fairy wings, and Demon wings. Wings can also have touches like an affect of coming out of the back or being stitched onto the skin. The Wings can be very detailed, wich means multiple things. One: They can be quite expensive. Two: They can take longer, and or more than one session, and Three: the longer the session the more painful a tattoo can become, the reason being that your pain tollerance can decrease. These tattoos don't have one specific meaning like any other tattoo, they can mean speed, freedom, elevaton, or aspiration, but can also mean other more personal things, then again wings can just be for vanity. Women are most seen with this tattoo but some men have it also. Pain level with this tattoo all depends on who you are and where it is positioned, everyone reacts differantly to pain and has differant pain tolerancys, back tattoos are usually not that painful but the shoulders and especcially the spine are a lot more sensitive. There it is, Something beautiful and differant.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Navel Piercing

              Probably the most common body piercing among women. The navel piercing is also known as: belly button piercing, or a belly piercing. It can be anywhere through the tissue around the navel, but is most commonly placed vertically threw the top piece of flesh above your belly button. This piercing is most common with women but is found on men also. The reason for the navel piercings popularity is that it is easy to hide, but also easy to show off, the navel piercing doesn't usually attract criticism or any type of discrimination. The jewelry put in this piercing is usually a curved bar with two balls, one on each end, a smaller one on top and a bigger one with a design or image on it. There is also jewelry with dangling decorations on them, though they are heavy on your piercing, I don't recommend wearing these until the piercing is completely healed. Some don'ts for when you get this piercing are: do not wear tight fitting clothing that will rub up against, and irritate the fresh piercing, don't touch your piercing for any other reason than to clean it, do not change the jewelry until it is completely healed, don't wear heavy jewelry or dangling jewelry, when you first get it, heavy jewelry will pull the piercing down and irritate it, and danglers will do the same thing, there is also a risk of danglers getting caught on belts or pants, and ripping out a new piercing is not good. Do not go into any pool, hot tub or spa with a navel piercing until it is completely healed, the bacteria in the water is bound to irritate or infect, contrary to most rumours, chlorine is not good for the piercing, it is way to harsh on the piercing, same with hand sanitisers, strong soaps, or peroxide. Try to stick to a saline solution, or a piercing spray. One of the most common body piercings among women, the navel piercing.

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Septum Piercing

                   Beautiful, and one of my favourites. Increasingly popular among alternative fashions, the septum piercing is super cute! This piercing is named after the thin wall of cartilage separating the right and left nostril called the septum. The piercing does not go through the cartilage but usually through the tissue slightly below the septum. Pain varies with every one, but you are sure to tear up, this doesn't mean your crying, it is a natural response when your nose is hit or pierced. Down sides to this piercing is that your nose is not necessarily the cleanest place, if you have allergies during a certain season, I suggest you avoid getting the piercing then, the healing process is also some what slow, due to where it is. One great advantage of the septum piercing is that with certain jewelry, usually an open circular bar bell, it is very easy to hide by simply flipping it, to let it rest in the nose. There are many options to how you want your piercing to look, it can be small and cute, or big and in-your-face looking. I want, and love this piercing .

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Friday, 11 May 2012


                              Vanity or Insanity, some people won't see the difference. Scarification has been around for ages and will not die out anytime soon. This is a method going beyond tattoos, it is done by burning and or cutting patterns, designs, pictures, or words into the skin as a permanent mark. There are religious and social reasons for scarification, for example, it is very common in African tribes to mark milestones in a man or woman's life, such as puberty and marriage. It can also be a symbol of identity, that may emphasise a social, political, or religious role. But in more developed places is just a way of being unique or expressing ones self. there are many risks that come with scarification, including a high risk of infection. There are many methods of scarification, some include: Strike branding, Laser branding, Packing, Abrasion, and skinning. Strike branding is very similar to livestock branding, is where a piece on metal is heated and pressed to the skin, this method is also linked to slavery, or punishment of criminals, but as body art less perferable because it is not very precise and tends to spread greatly while healing. Laser branding, is not exactly using a laser, but a device which uses electricity to cut and cauterise the skin, this is more precise than strike branding because it is possible to regulate the depth and nature of what is being done. Packing is traditionally from Africa, and is when a diagonal cut is made and then a substance such as clay or ash is packed into it, when healing the wound pushes out what had been put into it. Abrasion, is when skin is removed by friction using material such as an ink less tattoo device, or very strong sandpaper. Skinning is where many single lines are cut, creating thin scars, the cuts should be in a large group, the out line of the skin that needs to be removed will be cut and peel away. So, vanity or insanity? What do you think?  

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Monday, 30 April 2012

"Bites" Lip Piercings

                    I love all of these piercings! "Bites" are two piercings on the lip, there are five types of "bites": Angel bites, Snake bites,Spider bites, Cyber bites, and Vampire bites . Angel bites are two piercings on each side of your upper lip, if you have only one, on the left is called a Monroe, and on the right is called a Madonna. Snake bites are just like Angel bites but they are on the bottom lip to each side. Spider bites are two piercings beside each other on one side of your bottom lip, it does not matter what side. Cyber bites have a piercing on the top and bottom lip, they are placed directly in the middle of your lips. Vampire bites are probably the most uncommon of the "Bites", the piercings are placed on one side of the mouth, but farther apart than Spider bites. All five piercings are done with basically the same procedure, they are not known to be very painful but lip piercings tend to bleed a bit more than others. I love all of these piercings!!
1: Angel Bites
2: Cyber Bites
3: Spider Bites
4: Snake Bites
5: Vampire Bites 
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